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Women’s Financial Advisory Group

Women’s Financial Advisory Group is a fee base firm, which practice holistic financial planning (financial education, financial management and financial planning). We put the focus back on you, we can help you make and put in effect smart decisions for your financial future.

Certified Financial Planner

Most people think all financial planners are “certified,” but this is not true. Anyone can call himself a “financial planner.” Only those who have fulfilled the certification and renewal requirements of CFP® Board can display the CFP® certification marks, which represent a high level of competency, ethics and professionalism. CFP® Board’s Standards of Professional Conduct requires CFP® professionals to look out for your interests above their own.

Divorce Financial Analysis

A  Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™)  Becomes part of the divorce team and provides litigation support for the lawyer and client on financial issues. The CDFA™ and the person seeking divorce will need to work together and provide all the necessary documents to reach the best outcome.

Why Focus On Women

Why Focus On Women

Throughout our years of financial planning, we have encountered one group with a lot in common: Women. We are unique in our own right, including when it comes to our finances.  Regardless of our background, we are as diverse as we come, with a gamma of career choices and lifestyles.What surprises and concerns me is the ability of women to be an achiever in almost all fields and their financial underachieving. When it comes to women, sometimes there is a disconnection between what women know and how we act.When we say we focus on women in every phase of their lives, it does not mean that I no longer work with men, they are welcome as well.We like to spend time really getting to know our clients, learning what is important to them, what keeps them up at night and what they really want out of life. We as women want a long-term collaboration with an advisor that truly understands them and is pulling for them.  We want someone we can trust.

  • Many retirement age women are afraid to lose everything. 66% of them rely on social security as the principal of income.
  • Women tend to take fewer risks. We wait until a life altering event to start saving (marriage, having kids, divorce, death) Single women are often too busy they do not see the payoff of putting in a lot of time to their finances.
  • The most incredible statistic is that women outlive men in their golden years, sometimes by a margin of 10 yrs.
  • As far as marriage, relationships start with love, trust and attraction. One would think that the number one cause of divorce is infidelity, yet the #1 is because of money.
  • Divorcing or recently divorced women are a large part of our practice just like with widows, it can take some time for divorcing women to get their act together as they find themselves suddenly in charge of doing ‘everything’.
  • Women have the necessity to feel free to talk about finances. It is easier to speak to another woman about this issue.
  • We as women just by our own nature, have been in the same predicament and the necessity to be taught the world of finances. At Women’s Financial Advisory Group, we teach them from the beginning. How to budget, insurances, college planning retirement, estate planning. In other words to establish a cradle-to-tomb relationship so to speak in order to embrace their success with open arms and be able to reach their financial goals.


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